About Us

Jabal Shems Travel Tour is a young and dynamic company. For over 9 years, Jabal Shems has been working in the tourism market of the Sultanate of Oman, dealing with private clients, European tour operators and Travel Agencies. Specializing in escorted tours with multi-lingual tourguides, Jabal Shems creates tour packages for FIT or SIC, VIP guests or Eco-Travelers. Jabal Shems is committed to delivering custom-made tours and services based on the wishes and needs of touring visitors.

We believe that a trip should be truly unforgettable and provide an opportunity to meet people from different cultures; a trip should be an amazing experience to share with loved ones, and a chance to meet new friends. We want to change the way people think about tourism, and provide a truly innovative experience for guests to our country. With vast knowledge of the cities, landscapes and all the hidden gems, our team at Jabal Shems Team is fully-equipped to create the highly-refined tour packages that guests are looking for - and always takes into consideration the time and the distance between one location and another to allow guests to not just visit our country, but really get a chance to learn about and appreciate the history and the culture.

Authenticity, quality, respect, loyalty, and transparency are our values:

  • Authenticity: with our tours, we are always looking to integrate new approaches to destinations and seek out the best hotels and activities to do. Our goal is to provide the most genuine and thrilling experiences possible.
  • Quality: we always investigate the facilities and services that we recommend for our guests to prevent bad experiences.
  • Respect: we respect not only the country and its traditions, but also, above all, our guests and their needs so that their experience becomes unforgettable.
  • Loyalty: we are loyal to our job, to our guests and to the Omani people.
  • Transparency: we attach great importance to being direct and honest with our customers. This means that honesty is our priority when it comes to customer enquiries, our suggestions, the organisation of itineraries and our calculated costs.